Doctors on call are the latest development in the field of healthcare. A physician on call can be said as a telemedicine way for taking care of serious health care problems. Medical practitioner on signal has an aim to give medical care anywhere and anytime. The concept behind this is to provide healthcare at any remote area. People can avail this service at any point of time, which allows the patient to receive treatment through internet and voice call. Even though the consultation fee is slightly higher than the regular method, the fact that the healthcare made more accessible is a valid point.

Mobile phones are used as the terminals for such e-consultation. Expert on phone can be accessed through a free registration from a mobile device with a minimum bandwidth internet connection. In the app the patient can choose the required genre, in which they wish to consult. Doctors near me can collect data on patient from a field nurse or through questionnaire. Physician on signal provides an option for the patient to choose from various experts in the required field.

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In several parts of the world the healthcare system is still not accessible, which makes the idea behind the medical practitioner on cry a relevant one, however, the religious concepts in various nations prevent the medical services to be least accessible causing an increase in death rates due to lack of treatment. But the implementation of this scheme has brought such situations under control through counselling’s and awareness campaigns.

Governments have also given support to such programmes to improve the life expectancy of their citizens. Such treatments also helps the doctors to perform routine treatments along with providing a remote assistance for patients and thereby helping a large number of needy people. The treatment for common diseases can be prescribed easily with a routine check-up, however, in some cases the doctors require additional data to perform proper diagnosis of the patient.

The plan to start a national helpline to aid this cause from government’s side also shows the importance of such facilities. Quicker consultations offered by them can make a decisive change in future, as it can offer first aid for patients who require an immediate attention. In rural areas virtual consultation rooms allowed doctors to have an expert opinion. It also helps hospitals to have an expert panel of doctors for reviewing the deceases and to analyse the situation. Doctors near me will help the hospitals to increase their bed capacity.

A new development in this is the doctor on demand. In this concept, doctors are provided for hospitals during the case of an emergency from other medical facilities in the nearby area to cater the needs. Since there is a high demand of doctors in rural as well as in urban areas has raised the attention of the governing bodies to provide the required services. The medical practitioner on requirement enables the patient to get an appointment or to get a house visit from the doctor. Doctors on call service provide a chance to people to avail consultation according to their own convenience.