Laws are what protects the citizens of a country. Laws are what prevents people from doing whatever they want to do and then get away with it. No country is perfect with its constitution and its bundle of laws. There are loopholes in every law structure in any country. People think that it is not a big deal to have a few loopholes in the law structure, but it can have huge impacts on the society. Some of the biggest loopholes in the law in the US are:


Necrophilia is basically, sexual intercourse with a corpse or a dead body. As disgusting as it may sound, it may sound even more surprising that Necrophilia in some states of the country is legal. In 2006, in Wisconsin, three men were caught digging up a recently dead woman from her grave. The reason for them to do so was that one of them saw her in her obituary picture and was attracted to her. After they were caught, they were charged with attempted sexual assault. But what was surprising was that the judge dropped the case, because it was not illegal to have sexual intercourse with a corpse in Wisconsin. Many states are now making it illegal, which is good news.

Cops Stealing your Money?

There is a law or more of a legal process in the US called Civil Forfeiture. What this law does is that it allows the cops to claim anything that they believe is obtained through criminal methods or by a criminal. They do not require a warrant or even evidence. A funny fact is that in 2014, burglars took $3.5 million from law-abiding citizens while the cops took $5 million. The worst part is that it was completely legal, all thanks to “Civil Asset Forfeiture”. If the cops think or even believe that you own something, you wouldn’t have owned unless you did something illegal to own it, they can take it and claim it for themselves. These seized assets become the property of the Police Department. So now, if a cop wanted to, he could blame you for stealing his doughnuts and claim the ones you have.


You can legally own an untraceable weapon if you assemble it yourself

It is a well-known fact that owning a gun without a proper serial number or without any of the required paperwork is illegal in the country. It is the same in any other country as well. The biggest loophole found in this case is that the law allows people to own as many assault rifles as they want as long as they don’t buy one which is fully assembled. If you have enough knowledge about the parts of a gun and how it works, you can easily assemble one and no one can raise a finger about it. Only complete guns (already fully assembled) require a serial number and need to be reported to the authorities. Gun parts, on the other hand, do not require anything. You can buy a bunch of gun parts and assemble to form a fully-functioning gun.