Every job is unique in its way. Some pay more and some pay less and some come in the middle. What you need to worry about is if you like doing it or not. You cannot have both. You cannot just love your job and get highly paid at the same time. However, if you try to align your interests accordingly, or in some case, if you are just lucky, you might as well be working for a highly paid job. Some of the highest paid jobs in America:


It may come as a surprise to you, but the field of Health Care has, in fact, the highest paid jobs in the world. Let us take Anesthesiologists as an example. In 2017, the annual wage of an Anesthesiologist was reported to be $232,280. In 2018, it increased to $265,990. An anesthesiologist is defined as a person trained in anesthesia and perioperative medicine. In simple words, before a surgery, it is an anesthesiologist who administers anesthetics for the patients. Currently, in the U.S. there are approximately 32,000 anesthesiologists. To be one, you have to complete four years or medical school and in addition to it, you have to complete an additional four-year residency in that specialization.


Again, rising from the field of Health Care they have an annual income of $251,890. The previous year, they were reported to have an income of $252,910. They are defined as physicians who treat diseases, injuries, and deformities in patients. There are currently 38,600 surgeons in the US. This might not seem like a long-lasting job though. There are many automated machines and robots replacing them in operations and surgeries. It is a job in risk of losing itself to automation. However, it would still up to a level require a human hand in many surgeries.



Orthodontists deal with the science of dentistry. They specialize in braces and other corrective measures for the teeth. Their annual wage in 2018 is reported to be $229,380. The number of Orthodontists in the US is 5080. Their job is also at risk of automation. In fact, most of the jobs in the healthcare industry are at risk of automation and humans will soon be replaced by humans by robots.

Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots, and Flight Engineers

Aside from the health-care industry, there are quite a lot of jobs that are highly paid. For instance, if you look at the Airline Industry, Airline Pilots, Co-Pilots, and Flight Engineers get an annual wage of almost $162,000. Pilots and Co-Pilots, as you already know, are those who fly the monster in the sky. Flight Engineers are those who provide navigation guidance using the plane’s instruments.