When you are a criminal lawyer you have to be just in every single aspect as you can be the role model for a lot of people and if you are not an exemplary character then there are a lot of chances that your reputation can actually go down drastically in the industry. You are connected with a people in the industry and since it is a very small network your reputation as a Melbourne criminal lawyer is very important.

So it is important that you maintain your reputation all the time as a good and renowned Melbourne criminal lawyer.

In the article written below we have discussed some of the things which a criminal lawyer Melbourne should never practice.

  1. Encouraging  the clients to fabricate information

As a criminal lawyer it is important that you understand the ethics of the industry because a lot of criminal lawyers would encourage their clients to fabricate the information just because to help then come out of the case clean handed and when you start encouraging the clients to fabricate the information it can become a habit and some of the clients would also not reveal the truth in front of you and this is actually can backfire you and can make you lose the case.

  1. Should never act pricey

Of course as a criminal lawyer you would have a lot of status in the society and it is important to maintain a humble character when you are dealing with the clients because you never know what status the client would have.

When they come to you, must make sure that you respect them and also treat them with gratitude for coming and approaching you as this can actually help you to ease out the relationship between you and the client and this can help you to quickly solve the case in a much more effective manner.

  1. Should not charge too much

You may be under the assumption that the client would not know anything about the fees charged by a criminal lawyer but you are certainly kept in the darker side as well because most of the clients these days would have done a complete and a thorough research about all the aspects including the fees on the internet and also by speaking to some of their known contacts. So it is important that you do not charge them too much and make them feel uncomfortable and this actually shows your reputation ultimately.

  1. Trying to be a show off

Of course it is important that as a criminal lawyer you must definitely showcase the work that you have done in the past in front of your clients but at the same time you should not be a show off and keep boasting about yourself and your work as this actually reduces the credibility of you as a criminal lawyer and the client may choose to go to another lawyer immediately because of this attitude.