Monsoon is a favorite of people all over the world. It is a break from the scorching heat of the sun, plus it is a lot of fun playing the rain. Now, as fun, as it sounds, it can cause many diseases because of the germs that are present and develop in the wet conditions. Monsoons give rise to many viral fevers, colds, and coughs. It also leads to a rise in bacterial and fungal growths. Some of the ways to keep your house germ-free are:

Wash your body 

Whenever you come back home from outside, you need to make sure that you wash your hands and feet. There is a very huge possibility, especially when it’s raining, that you pick up several germs and dirt on you and your clothes. The best practice that you can do is washing dirty hands and feet with warm water. Preferably just take a shower, wash everything thoroughly with an antiseptic liquid. This will stop germs from spreading from your body to your house. If you do not follow this practice, you will end up spreading germs everywhere in your house.

Wash your clothes


This will come as a confusing point to many. People tend to get less sweaty during the monsoons and lessen the need to wash your clothes. However, your clothes tend to retain a lot of moisture and that will lead to the excessive dampening of your clothes. It also brings in a lot of bacterial germs and fungi. We all know that when we keep wet clothes as it as for a while, they tend to smell bad. This is caused by the bacteria. Wash your clothes regularly with an antibacterial detergent. You can even consider using silica packets in your wardrobes, as they tend to keep your clothes dry.

Clean your footwear

This might seem like a tedious task and a very dirty one, but ultimately they are your shoes and you have to be the one to clean them. Unfortunately, your footwear is the one accessory where there could be an abundance of germs and bacteria. It is the one accessory who is in constant contact with the ground which is filled with dirt and muddy water. It can cause a variety of problems for you like, fungal infections, rashes, boils, etc. Scrub your footwear regularly, as it will help remove the germs and the dirt from the footwear.

Keep the kitchen and bathroom clean

There are always some areas in the house which are always wet, like, the kitchen sink and the bathroom. These places are always wet and higher chances to invite bacterias and fungi. The only option you have is to keep those areas as dry as possible.