The best thing about the workplace you work at is if you like it there. The second best thing is if it is good. Most people tend to leave their jobs because of it’s monotonic nature and the boring day-to-day work. Good workplaces are those that make your work fun and hence easier in the process. Some of the best workplaces in the world are:


With its headquarters located in the US, it is the top ranking company in the industry of Information Technology. It has a number of employees going up to 28,000. It ranks near the top in many countries including Austrailia, United Kingdom, United States, India, etc. Many people have said that the CEO of the company is an amazing visionary who believes in giving back to the community rather than just thinking about the profit margins. The company is lauded about its care for their customers, employees, and the community alike. They have a wide variety of opportunities for people who can work for any part of the company. It is a great place for people to put their own creative ideas into real business ideas.

The Adecco Group

The headquarters of this company is located in Switzerland. It has its industry in Professional Services. The revenue of the company goes up to about $26.6B and has a number of employees of up to 33,000. It is famous in many countries including Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, etc. Employees from the company say that it gives their employees a lot of freedom so that they get unique ideas from each and every one of them. It is also said that the managers are not controlling and they show trust in any person’s ability to do their job well.


SAS Institute

It is located in the United States and is in the Information Technology industry. It has 14,000 employees and its revenue goes up to $3.2B per year. It is prominent in Austrailia, Austria, India, Spain, and many more countries. The company is well known for the interactions that it tries to generate among the employees in the company. It is said that Personal Connections is what makes people work for the company every day. The company does not blindly focus on fulfilling objectives, but also believes in investing in people based on their individual activities.


Another company located in the United States, it has a huge number of employees going up to 61,278 and is in the Manufacturing and Production company. It is prominent in more countries than any other company on the list. The company is well-known for giving every single employee in their company a chance to grow. Every employee gets an opportunity to develop their set of skills every year. They are given a chance to prepare themselves for their next objective in the company.